Friday, September 26, 2014

Thank you Mr. President

A note of gratitude from the President and First Lady.

Thank You letter from the White House "Black Klansman"


I encouraged Ron Stallworth to write this book. It is a brilliant demonstration of police intelligence thinking outside the box. More than this, it is a revealing story exposing the utter stupidity of racial prejudice among the most notorious and supposedly intelligent people. A special gem awaiting the reader who searches a little deeper are moments of subtle covert bias hidden even in our own law enforcement circles. I must admit, I enjoyed the amusing way these arrogant fools are publicly stripped of their facades.

--Richard Valdemar (Retired Sergeant Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department)

“Ron Stallworth infiltrated the ruthless Ku Klux Klan, as an African-American police detective. With courage and brilliance he breached this oldest and violent white supremacist hate group. Although Ron encountered internal political dissentions that would jeopardize his career, he had the fortitude to keep going; quitting was not an option! There are many training manuals on “how to work undercover.” Most give you the basics, but fail to expand on this dedication, commitment, and the personal and political sacrifices to succeed. Ron Stallworth tackles these struggles in his book of an untold written chapter in the history of the Colorado Springs Police Department.”

--Robert C. Cantwell Retired Director, Colorado Attorney-General Organized Crime Strike Force “